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"Nameless Lanterns" | Oakland, CA

"Nameless Lanterns"


Delicately etched lanterns that have the ability to connect with one another to display cohesive patterns of light.


13" x 9" x 9"

Layered Birch, Dye, Stain, Cast Acrylic, LED




"Atien" | Oakland, CA



Approximately 1200 individual pieces. Designed over the course of a year, & a build of 6 months.


40" x 28" x ~14"

Layered Birch, Dye, Stain, Cast Acrylic, LED


Light Activation by Photonic Bliss


"Mink Cobra" | Oakland, CA

"Mink Cobra"


8" Tall x ~ 7" width

Layered Birch, Dye, Stain, Mink Skull



"DNA" | Berkeley, CA

"DNA": Human Core Sample


15" Diameter

Layered Birch, Dye, Stain, Cast Acrylic, LED, Human


Light Activation by Photonic Bliss


Available for Purchase Here:


"DNA" Compact Sample

"DNA": Human Compact Sample

Spins on axis. Custom fitted enclosures.


~7" Tall x 3" Diameter | 16" Chain

Layered Birch, Dye, Stain, Brass, 35lb rated bearing, Human


Available for Purchase Here:


"Six" | Berkeley, CA

"Six": A Ghost


9" Diameter

Layered Birch, Dye, Stain


Available for Purchase Here:


Exploratorium | San Francisco, CA

Photo Credit : Fiona Shinkfield

"Ivy's Arch": The main entryway & DJ booth for The Exploratorium's 2017 Event Phenomena(l)


Layered ply, acrylic, leds, & a lot of stain. The Exploratorium raises millions on a yearly basis to the cause of education & science. What an exciting pleasure to be a part of such a meaningful event. Working with Tesseract & Audiowaska on the build, this was one of my favorite pieces yet. Ivy's Arch & booth will continue to live at the Exploratorium for future events.



The 11th Hour - Christine Ren Films | Berkeley, CA

Raising Ocean Awareness - with Christine Ren

The 11th Hour || A single-terminated hourglass representing a final turn to decide our future with the oceans. A collaboration with Christine Ren as part of her ongoing conservation series in photography & film.


Birch, Glass, Acrylic, Brass


Art direction: Christine Ren Films

Photography: Jose G. Cano (




Alchemy Boxes | Berkeley, CA

The Four Elements - Jewelry Boxes 2017


Layered birch bearing the four elements. When open, the symbol created represents Aether.


Russian Birch, Acrylic




Enchanted Forest Gathering 2016 | Mendocino, CA

Photo Credit :Cremerica (

Enchanted Forest Gathering Main Stage "Dagan's Gate" - with Audiowaska Productions


A layered personification of the deity Dagan for EFG 2016 main stage. Enchanted Forest Gathering partially funded this artwork, and a 10 foot booth for single use; which is now on display in Berkeley, California. Thanks for the support! My design, Audiowaska's management & build, PhotonicBliss' programming.


Other visual artists include Fractaled Visions & Jonathan Singer who projected onto the piece during it's performance.



The Joshua Engine | Berkeley, CA

The Joshua Engine | Series of 6(3 Remaining) - 2016


Made of 34 individual layers of laser cut Birch, this mandala features 70+ unique pieces of detail. Evolving light patterns bring the piece to life by night; illuminating etched acrylics bearing the Four Elements, and a combination of artwork meant to represent the fragility & fractalization of time.

Made of Russian Birch.
Handcrafted, & Hand Assembled in Berkeley, CA, USA by Noah McGinley.


Contact for Purchase




Lotus Jewelry Boxes | CA

Lotus Symmetry Box - 2016




Made of Russian Birch.
Handcrafted, & Hand Assembled in Berkeley, CA, USA by Noah McGinley.



Aesthesis 2016 | NM

Aesthesis Rolling DJ Booth 2016 - with Audiowaska Productions


A rolling DJ booth with designs routed into layers, then backlit and front lit to create dynamic patterns across the surfaces. Inspired by the New Mexico horizon, this piece heavily relies on natural aesthetics. Co-Designed with Michael Angelo Passalalpi.


A mix of wood, aluminum, addressable lighting(featuring PhotonicBliss Programming).



Lucidity 2016 |Santa Barbara, CA

Lucidity Crossroads Stage 2016 - with Audiowaska Productions


A mix of wood, acrylic, addressable lighting(featuring PhotonicBliss Programming).

Lucidity Festivals


Lumen Labs 2016 | Berkeley, CA

Roll Away Bar - Lumen Labs


Integrating geometric shapes, French deco, & the power of lights and shadows.. this piece was commissioned by Lumen Labs to be easily tucked away when not in use. The interchangeable panels and center provide the flexibility to adapt to the setting of any occasion.


A project in cooperation with Michelangelo Passalalpi's amazing craftsmanship.


Contact for pricing for one of your own:


Lumen Labs 2015 | Berkeley, CA

Chandelier for the Birds - installation at Lumen Labs


My introductory project into the collective known as Lumen Labs. I wanted to mix my a style reminiscent of classic antiquity, with the abilities of addressable LED lighting.


A mix of wood, acrylic, addressable lighting


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